Super Mario Brawl


Mario and Luigi try their hands at beat'em ups



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Super Mario Brawl is a beat'em up starring Mario and Luigi where you travel around the Mushroom World and its surroundings to fight some of the most emblematic enemies from the Mario games.

Players can carry out various types of attacks: combos, special attacks (which take away some of your life) and jump attacks. You can also find some 'power ups' to improve your chances while fighting against hordes of enemies.

The main game mode in Super Mario Brawl is its story mode, but when you beat it you can also play in arcade mode and in the Koopa Arena. You can play all of them, of course, both alone as Mario, or in coop with Luigi.

The story mode in Super Mario Brawl contains 32 levels divided into eight distinctive worlds from the Mario games.

Super Mario Brawl is a good beat'em up with some of the most personable and familiar characters in the entire game industry, in this case starring in a completely different game from the original.
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